Relations between Nedland and Cleveland normalized

PALAZU (10:53 AM EST). Today, at approximately 10:30 AM, Ned Greiner and Clevelandic Prince Edward Jacobs signed a treaty, thus formalizing and normalizing relations between the two nations.

Nedland and Cleveland have had a historically significant relationship, with Cleveland being a former Nedlandic colony. Cleveland was originally annexed in the Monovia Deal with Harry Fitzpatrick – thus annexing the khanates of Monovia, Acrest, Amir and Cleveland. During its tenure, however, Greiner could not directly administer the territory, as he had no direct contact with Jacobs. After Jacobs returned to the MicroWiki community, he promptly seceded from Nedland. Following a diplomatic skirmish, Nedland recognized Clevelandic independence from its territory in April 2017.

Although the process has been slow, relations have finally been normalized between the two nations. Greiner was then crowned Co-Prince of Cleveland, and will be a vassal of the Holy Roman Emperor, Quentin I. A new era of cooperation between Cleveland and Nedland has begun, and hopefully, it is here to stay.


NedBank absorbs Bank of Farrar, new micronational conglomerate on the loose

Botswanistan (Nedland) – NedBank, which has previously only been a Micronational Economic Group affiliate, has now become a conglomerate after the organization’s collapse. Yesterday, Nedland bought Oxocero Holdings, a Mahusetan company, and the First Bank of Noveria. Today, Nedland sealed the deal on the Farrar Republic’s bank, thus totaling the company’s net worth to 35,000 MicroCoins. More updates to come.

Nedland establishes demilitarized zone with Sandus

ABOVE: The official borders of the Nedlandic Demilitarized Zone

Today, Nedlandic Khan Ned Greiner passed legislation to allow the government to create a demilitarized zone (DMZ) between the hostile State of Sandus. Through numerous occasions of diplomacy violations by Sandus towards both Nedland and her allies has led Greiner to believe that the need for a neutral zone on the border of Sandus in eastern Umtitia is necessary. The government has decided that the space between College Park, Maryland and the nearby settlements of Vårensolv and Kalimovo will serve as said neutral zone between the two nations. No military forces will be allowed into the zone.

Sandum leader William Gaius Sörgel confirmed the creation of the zone at 10:01 AM. As Sandus has no military or any other armed forces, the Zone will be staffed entirely by the Nedlandic military. It is likely that the Army of Umtitia, a total of around eight soldiers, will be responsible for this task.

This comes rather coincidentally in time for a Sandum scandal in the Grand Unified Micronational, but is not related, as the government learned of this after the DMZ was formed.

Statement on the dissolution of Leylandiistan and Gurvata and the resignation of Fionnbarra Ó Cathail as GUM Chair

11 September 2016 – REGINAZBERG Today, the Emperor held a meeting with the Prime Minister of Alenshka and the High Commissioners of Abelden in regards to the state of the Kingdom and the current state of the Empire. The Emperor also informed in the meeting about the resignation of Fionnbarra O Cathail as Chair of the Quorum of Delegates and delivered a brief statement in Tagalog:

(Original statement in Tagalog; translation below the original statement)

ika-11 ng Septyembre 2016

Pahayag ng Emperador sa dissolusyon ng Leylandiistan at Gruvata at ang pagbibitiw ni Fionnbarra O Cathail bilang Tagapangasiwa ng Grand Unified Micronational

Mga kaibigan, nais namin ng Gobiyernong Imperial at ng Vorsitzender na magpasalamat kay Fionnbarra O Cathail sa kanya serbisyo sa Grand Unified Micronational bilang Tagapangasiwa ng Quorum of Delegates at sa kanyang serbisyo sa communidad na ito. Nalulungkot naming marinig ang dissolusyon ng Leylandiistan at Gurvata at hindi lang kami mawawala ng isang kaibigan, kundi mawawalan din kami ng isang bansa. Ang relasyon ng Imperiyo at ng Leylandiistan at Gurvata ay nagsimula lang ng taong ito, so we are indeed disappointed to hear na wala na ang Leylandiistan at Gurvata. Gusto ko ding magpasalamat kay Mr. Ó Ceocháin sa kanyang serbisyo sa kanilang bansa. Hindi lahat ito mangyayari without the help of Mr. Ó Ceocháin. There would be no Leylandiistan and Gurvata without Gurvata.

Gusto namin ding magpasalamat ulit kay Mr. O Cathail sa kanyang serbiyso bilang Tagapangasiwa sa GUM. Siya ay isang bukod-tanging tao at naging mas organisado ang GUM ng naging Tagapangasiwa siya. Sana’y mapanatili ang mga ginawa ni Mr. O Cathail sa GUM kahit man umalis na siya. We wish the new Chair all the best and we hope that he will maintain all the works of Mr. O Cathail.

We wish both Mr. O Cathail and Mr. Ó Ceocháin all the best sa kanilang mga travails at kung ano mang gusto nilang gawin sa darating na panahon. Inexpect namin ang dissolusyon ng Leylandiistan at Gurvata dati pa, and it was inevitable for it not to be disestablished, but nonetheless, naging surpresa ito sa lahat. The Abeldane Empire would like to wish both of you all the best and remember to take care.

Stephanus Imperator Rex

The statement below is the translated version of the statement by the Emperor:

11 September 2016

Statement of the Emperor regarding the dissolution of Leylandiistan and Gurvata and the resignation of Mr. O Cathail as Chair.

Dear friends,

We would like to thank Fionnbarra O Cathail for his services to the Grand Unified Micronational as Chair of the Quorum of Delegates and his services to the micronational community. We are also sad to hear the dissolution of Leylandiistan and Gurvata. Not only will we loose a friend, but that as well of a nation. Our relationship with Leylandiistan and Gurvata had just begun this year, so indeed we are disappointed and sad to hear the dissolution. We’d also like to thank Mr. Ó Ceocháin for his services and works. None of this would happen without him and there would be no Leylandiistan and Gurvata nor Gurvata too.

We’d like to thank again Mr. Ó Cathail for his services and works to the GUM. He is an extremely outstanding person and the organisation became more organised under his term as Chair. We wish that his works and service will be maintained in the GUM even after he is gone. We wish the new Chair all the best and we hope he’ll maintain the works of the previous Chair.

We wish both Mr. Ó Cathail and Mr. Ó Ceocháin all the best in their travails and whatever they will take up and do in the future. We have expected the dissolution of Leylandiistan and Gurvata, and it was inevitable for it not to be disestablished. Nonetheless, the dissolution is a surprise to everyone mostly in the community. The Abeldane Empire would like to wish both of you all the best and always take care.

Stephanus Imperator Rex

Source: Statement on the dissolution of Leylandiistan and Gurvata and the resignation of Fionnbarra Ó Cathail as GUM Chair

GUM and Sandus reach agreement — Béal na Tíre

Via Béal na Tìre, reposted by the Nedlandic Governmental News Source

The Chair of the GUM, Shane Cahill, has released a statement concerning the application made by the State of Sandus and the subsequent disputes resulting from its rejection. Mr. Cahill apologised for the incorrect portrayal he made in private of one incident in the past involving Mr. Soergel, the leader of Sandus. He also explained how his views on the application were incorrectly conveyed, saying “I did not understand that the Chair was still allowed to hold the opinion of his delegation even after his election.” Mr. Soergel has released a statement via the facebook page of the State of Sandus, apologising for issuing an ultimatum to Mr. Cahill, pledging not to interfere in the affairs of the GUM, and to respect the outcome of the Quorum’s vote without any further protests.

The GUM leadership, the government of Austenasia and the government of Sandus reached an agreement to resolve the impasse. Diplomatic relations between Austenasia and Sandus have ceased following a protracted deterioration worsened by recent events, however Mr. Cahill stated that diplomatic ties between Sandus and Leylandiistan & Gurvata would not be affected, despite the existence of “major political differences”.

The statement may be viewed here. Mr. Soergel’s statement may be viewed here.

Treaties signed with 16 nations in July; diplomatic missions overwhelmingly successful

PALAZU, 1:00 PM EST. Today, Nedland’s prime minister Ned Greiner signed a treaty of mutual recognition and friendship with the Empyre of Slin today, making it the sixteenth treaty signed this month in Nedland.

At the end of June, Greiner started a diplomatic mission to acquire relations with around 20 nations. 16 of these nations agreed to relations, making it the most successful diplomatic mission than any incarnation of Nedland has ever accomplished.

These nations include notable nations such as the Grand Duchy Flandrensis, the Aerican Empire, the Principality of Aigues-Mortes, the State of Koss, the Confederation of Leylandiistan and Gurvata, and the Senatorial Republic of Timeria.


Nedland gains territory in France and Spain

Flag of Nedlandic French Territory Flag of Nedlandic Spanish Territory

(Left: Flag of the French Territory. Right: Flag of the Spanish Territory)

PALAZU (8:12 EST). Today, Nedland admitted a man of Spanish citizenship to Nedland. Since he was renting a dwelling in France and owning land in Spain, Nedland now has both French and Spanish territories.

It all started when the man applied yesterday. When President Ned Greiner first asked how he found out about Nedland, he said that he had been exploring the micronational community for a while and had landed on Nedland due to our novel approach to private property federation. Greiner gladly accepted the man’s application after his explanation.

The man is a software engineer.